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Getting Started

jAngular is a tool which comprise built-in modules, directives, templates and scripts that can help you build complex applications, dynamic forms, user interfaces using angular js

It's a tool that can facilitate you to write front end applications that can work with any backened tool including PHP, ASP.NET, Node JS, Angular JS and more

It's a development kit that can help you learn building professional applications using angular js on the fly with less effort.

It's a toolkit that can allow you to write distribute applications that can target mobile or web or both.

It's a toolkit that can be easily extended with ionic framework or ngmaterial to make feature rich mobile applications on the fly

What's Included

We released first version of jAngular toolkit that mainly focus on areas that normally takes hours or days to built. It will boost up your development effort to build complex applications, forms, validations, uploader integration in few minutes of effort

Check out what will be included in next version

We love to hear your suggestions and feedbacks. It help us build this toolkit more useful. Send your suggestions to our support mail