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Version 2.0 Planned Features

In version 1.0 we focused on lots of challenging areas including ability to created dynamic forms with complex validations and integration of complex uploading script that allow you to build huge complex, feature rich applications / forms in minutes.

In next version we will focus on practical application development along with other advance features and allow customers / users to suggest features that should be part of this toolkit.

List of Planned Features

  • Advance listings with animation integration including templates of video listings, photo listings, grid listings, detail listings.
  • Resume builder application
  • Create and view poll application
  • Survey builder application
  • Questionair application
  • Product review / rating application
  • Product selection / preview application
  • Appointments and reservation application
  • And more

We love to hear your suggestions and feedbacks. It help us build this toolkit more useful. Send your suggestions to our support mail